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Melolin non stick dressing Melolin non stick dressing
Comfortable, absorbant, non adherant STERILE dressing. 5x5cm. Use our Tubular bandage and applicator to make a simp…
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Callusan Forte (125ml) Callusan Forte (125ml)
Hard skin on your feet ? This product is for extremely dry skin and contains 25% **Urea and Stearic acid. Especially rec…
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Gehwol LEG VITALITY (125ml) Gehwol LEG VITALITY (125ml)
Very popular ’Leg-vitality’ balsam for tired feet and legs. This soothing and very refreshing product comes …
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Gehwol MINT (125ml) Gehwol MINT (125ml)
Combines the invigorating icy freshness of a cooling mint lotion composed of Asian medicinal plant oil with the gentle c…
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Gehwol  RED (125ml) Gehwol RED (125ml)
Great value 125ml tube of WARMING conditioning balm for dry, rough skin. Invigorating camphor, extracts of paprika and g…
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Gehwol BLUE (125ml) Gehwol BLUE (125ml)
Daily use balm containing lanolin for rough dry skin. Prevents foot odour,itching and sweaty feet, also useful for burn…
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Gehwol GREEN (125ml) Gehwol GREEN (125ml)
Lovely refreshing foot balm to fortify the feet. Use this cream for tired ,strained and aching feet. Perspiration is nor…
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Akieine HOT foot spray Akieine HOT foot spray
Relieve the annoyance of HOT feet and legs with Akileine Red. Fights overheating and swollen feet contains Menthol and t…
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Foot BATH 20g Foot BATH 20g
Gehwol Foot Bath. Soothing Lavender,Rosemary and Thyme oils make this comforting foot bath a hit with customers ! The sk…
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Callus reduction cream 30ml Callus reduction cream 30ml
Stubborn cracked heels or difficult to deal with calluses ? New Laufwunder® Callus Reduction Cream to the rescue ! T…
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